The CARASS is established to help those who want to undertake research as well as to share the findings of research that they have already conducted in areas of humanities and social sciences. It has two seminar rooms and an auditorium (250 seats) for that purpose with all available facilities including multimedia support. Researchers can get information on his/her research needs in arts and social sciences from the center. It organizes seminars, symposiums, conferences, workshops, scholarly lectures on the researches in different areas of knowledge. It helps local and international scholars who want to carry out research in different disciplines of arts and social sciences by providing available information and possible other support. It arranges availability of human resources to collect data (on payment) in any relevant areas in Bangladesh to international scholars who are interested to conduct research and acquire learning environment of Bangladesh.

The center regularly arranges courses on advanced learning and research methodologies/techniques etc.

CARASS is in the process of establishing a specialized library with a view to offering research and reference services with books, journals, periodicals for scholars, fellows and researchers.